who wears the pants in the relationship? well preferably no one will be wearing pants

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UGHHHHHHH the flashback scene where little sam finds out monsters are real

my poor little baby

if y’all share nudes they better be nudes of your own damn body and you better be sharing them because you made the conscious decision to

because if you share nudes in any other context whatsoever then you are worse than the scum on the bottom of hitler’s boots

#let me be more clear #HOW DARE YOU SHARE SOMEONE ELSES NUDES #THEY ARE NOT YOURS TO SHARE #please tie yourself to the bow of sinking ship and rid me of your existence

I saw a kink-shaming post talking about strangulation/paddling in BDSM and wanted to add my grain of salt and then it ended up being a huge rant?

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i will never in 1000000 years understand meat eaters who are grossed out by eating certain parts of an animal. like i heard someone the other week shitting their pants over the fact that people eat chicken hearts. which, yeah, that’s fucking appalling, but why does that suddenly phase you…you’re the type of person who is comfortable with eating an animal’s cooked corpse and saying shit like “mmm this skin is so nice and crispy” why are u suddenly the master of morals take a fucken seat

I laugh so hard when people whine about how terrible it is that eating dogs is a thing in some cultures

Like hello literally take a moment to look at yourself right now and listen to what’s coming out of your mouth

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