I’m researching the god gene for my God & the Brain class and the articles are fucking hilarious

First off, everyone in the comments section of the articles seems to believe that they have spontaneously obtained a PhD in what they’re reading about through the course of the article, and then proceed to condescendingly try to explain to the author why the conclusions they drew from scientific research are wrong

such as

"Incorrect. Correlation does not imply causation.” and “But really they’re not realizing that it is epigenetic factors that are passed on to our children.” and other things they probably read in an article they skimmed somewhere and remembered because they thought “whoah this sounds smart, better store this for later” but don’t actually understand what they mean

My absolute fave so far is an article talking about a twin study on two identical twins who WERE NOT ADOPTED AND LIVED WITH THEIR BIRTH PARENTS FOR THEIR ENTIRE CHILDHOOD

and some dude comments 

Before you set this gene theory in stone, a glaring omission is in the placing agencies that find homes for these twins. I would think an agent is not going to purposely send one twin to a Mormon family and another to a Wiccan family.

A Christian mother or agency will fight to get the twins into Christian homes.

Unless I missed something, I don’t think a mother or agency who is spiritually void will push for twins to be placed in religiously devout families. So it seems silly to claim faith is 40% genetic based on this simple study.”


I get that it’s fucking stupid to make fun of people who are uneducated in a particular subject but I think it’s fucking hilarious to make fun of people who purposely seek out topics that they clearly don’t really understand so that they can try to mansplain to the author of the paper in an attempt to sound impressive

like no what you are saying is literally irrelevant

go home now

And then in all of these articles there’s quotations from religious clergy people who are pissed off that there may be a scientific reason that some people are more inclined to have religious experiences than others because it implies that omg you might not actually be a super special god-chosen individual

His findings have been criticized by leading clerics, who challenge the existence of a “God gene” and say the research undermines a fundamental tenet of faith — that spiritual enlightenment is achieved through divine transformation rather than the brain’s electrical impulses.”

aka narcissistic assholes saying “it’s fucking bullshit to imply that i am not GOD CHOSEN and that god didn’t CHOOSE ME to have these religious experiences. HE PICKED ME!!!! I AM SOOO SPECIAL! religious thoughts are not in the brain stupid!!!!”

It’s almost kind of sad but mostly it’s just fucking hilarious

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